An IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscription includes the following benefits:

Try your 24h free IPTV Smart plus trial. 

  • In a few of hours, you’ll have your order (2 hours max).
  • Installation is simple.
  • There are 3,500 channels from all over the world, as well as a library of thousands of video on demand VOD titles from all over the world (including the United States, Arabic countries, and Asian countries).
  • High-definition television and video on demand.
  • The greatest customer service and support on the market.
  • No matter what sort of gadget you have, full activation support is available.
  • The greatest IPTV servers, with high-definition feeds and no buffering.
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IPTVLIT offers you 24h Free IPTV Smart Plus subscription to test its properties before you purchase your subscription.

You can watch over 3,500 live TV channels with the free IPV Smart Plus subscription, which is the greatest in the world. In addition to all of the premium channels, you get access to tens of thousands of video on demand (VOD) titles from a library that houses the world's most popular films and programs.

Furthermore, an IPTV subscription allows you to time-shift TV channels, allowing you to catch up on shows you missed.

Free IPTV Smart Plus is highly recommended for sports enthusiasts who want to stay up with European football/soccer leagues.

New movies and TV shows are added to the video on demand collection on a regular basis to keep things fresh. You'll have plenty of time to watch all of the series and movies you've always wanted to see.

Get a Free IPTV Smart Plus 24h trial IPTV subscription and experience television on a whole new level. You only need a solid internet connection to get started. IPTV Smart Plus IPTV's servers are extremely reliable and can manage a lot of traffic.

IPTV Smart Plus IPTV is the right IPTV package for you.


Compatibility of IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscription:

IPTV Smart Plus IPTV is compatible with all of the most popular operating systems and devices. The most prevalent ones are listed below.


  • Smart TVs: Smart TVs are the most popular IPTV devices because they provide excellent audiovisual quality.
  • Receivers: There are also good old receivers that can connect to the internet.
  • Android devices and Android boxes: IPTV subscriptions are compatible with devices that run on the Android operating system. Android Boxes, Smartphones, and Tablets are all on the list.
  • Computers are extremely powerful and provide the highest graphic and visual capabilities.
  • Other devices: The IPTV software and subscription are compatible with other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Box, Nvidia Shield, and Apple OS.

IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscription information:

IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscriptions are available in nations where residents are not prohibited from obtaining them. You may enjoy your membership as long as you have internet that can support the quality of IPTV Smart Plus IPTV.

The minimum Internet speed needed is 4 megabits per second. If you're experiencing buffering issues, it's most likely due to sluggish internet.

When a lot of devices in the house utilize the internet router, there isn't enough bandwidth for IPTV to operate. Check to see if any of your other gadgets are using up all of your internet.

Additionally, for a more consistent experience with the streaming, we recommend connecting to the router by Ethernet cable rather than WIFI.

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IPTV Smart Plus IPTV Subscription Frequently Asked Questions:

What happened to the m3u link or the Xtream-codes?

When you purchase an IPTV LIT subscription, we will provide you with all of the essential codes and connections. Our team usually responds within 2 hours of receiving your request for a subscription.

Even though I've followed all of the instructions, the channels aren't working?

First and foremost, you must ensure that the following items are in good working order:

  • Use your computer's VLC media player to see if the m3y link we provided is working.
  • Check to see if the app is active.
  • To refresh the DNS, restart the router.
  • Start again using the Smart Plus IPTV app and the links.

Is there any hardware included with the IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscription?

You should not expect any gadgets as part of your IPTV subscription. With the subscription, you may watch IPTV on any device you currently own.

Is it possible to get a refund?

Refunds are not permitted under our policy. Check out the free IPTV Smart plus trial to see whether you actually want the membership.

How many devices can a single subscription be used on?

You may only view with one device with this IPTV subscription. Contact us for additional information if you wish to use your membership on multiple devices.

What are the technological challenges that Free IPTV Smart Plus IPTV may face?

IPTV Smart Plus IPTV subscription servers are designed to manage large traffic volumes. The uptime is quite impressive. However, the service may be offline for a few minutes when upgrades are performed.

Does IPTVLIT offers to its clients the 24h free IPTV Smart plus trial?

Yes, before going on a long period of subscription (1 month, 2,3...1year), IPTVLIT allow you to test for free (0$) your IPTV for 24h.


– During the period of Free IPTV Smart Plus IPTV, you will know why you should purchase IPTV Smart plus subscription.

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