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Your List of Free IPTV M3U 2022 

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IPTVLIT Your source of All what you should know about IPTV World & your best source of IPTV services as well 


How Could IPTV World change my TV  

IPTV industry has to do with the TV content in particular and the view devices’ content in general. It’s an acronym of Internet Protocol Television which means connecting TV to the internet. The latter allow you to broadcast the content you want through IPTV services and also through IPTV M3U players. Furthermore, IPTV services is your guide to the content playlist rather than the content itself. How is that! In the old TV the content is programed by the channels’ director and the playlist is selected by them, in this way you’re just a consumer (you can’t choose your playlist nor watch your favorite content) while, IPTV services allow you to be 100% your view list director and via the iptv m3u you open your files content on your TV.  


Does all TVs supports IPTV M3U players  

Indeed, IPTV services is targeted the Smart TV that is support the internet protocol. And to use IPTV M3U on your TV you should first check if it has TV store or could be access to Google store. Nowadays several brands on the market developed their TV devices to compete on the new generation technology such as SΛMSUNG, LG & HP-TV.  

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Other devices that support IPTV M3U Premium  

Because of the raising of technology, TV is no longer the only source of view content. There are other smart devices that allow you to watch the same TV content and more. However, these kinds of devices need IPTV as well in order to benefit from its services such as M3U players. Android, iOS, Windows 7,8,10, all these operating systems support M3U premium. 

Remark: there are other operating systems, the above mentioned are just an example. 


Free IPTV M3U players for Android   

  • TiviMate player 

  • XCIPTV Player, or the Xtream Codes Player 

  • IPTV Extreme 
  • GSE Smart IPTV 
  • EPG  
  • Perfect Player 


Free IPTV M3U Players for iOS  

  • IPTV World 

  • IPTV player 

  • Mobdro live  
  • TV Streames 
  • IPTV Go 
  • RIPTV 
  • Tv Tap 
  • SPB TV World 
  • Cloud Stream 
  • IPTV Television  

Free IPTV M3U Players for Windows  

  • VLC Media Player 

  • Kodi IPTV Add-On  
  • MyIPTV Player 
  • Plex Media Server 
  • Free TV Player 
  • Simple TV 
  • IPTV Smarters 
  • OttPlayer for Windows 

Free IPTV M3U Player for MAC


  • GSE Smart IPTV 

  • VLC Media Player 

  • Kodi 
  • IPTV Smarters Pro 
  • Perfect Player IPTV 
  • Guek IPTV Player 
  • 247 IPTV Player 
  • 5KPlayer 
  • TV Stream 
  • Winamp 


How does IPTV M3U Premium works on your device  

M3U (Uniform Resource Locator) is a developed premium to replace the old MP3 which was focus on audio played. The IPTV M3U now reached the audio and view content. And thanks to this premium now you can have your M3U playlist, VOD, and Stream TV etc. First, you should search for the right M3U player that is supported by your device. Then, you download it according to the settings and instructions of each app or program. You open the premium and you search via the IPTV service on the content you want or VOD etc. Like that you will have your M3U Playlist for streams or for later-watch because the latter allow you to download videos, movies, series….  

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What does IPTV require to work great on your device  

Unlike the old TV protocol which require the traditional cable or Satellite dish, IPTV requires internet connection and it’s better if it is good. The advantage of the latter is that you will no longer suffer of the low signal or buffering while you are watching your show. All you need is good internet to watch the dream TV.  

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