IPTV Lit is available 7 days a week and will reply within 24 hours through chat and/or email. Furthermore, you may find the majority of solutions to your questions right here on this page, or you could just contact us using the contact us button up right.
Which devices can access IPTV Lit?

All Smart TV sets (Samsung, Sony, LG…), all Android devices (STB, phones), Apple TV, iPhone… may access our IPTV Lit services.

What if I am using Android?

Don’t worry; IPTV Lit services are also accessible through any version of android devices, with the same high quality as if you’re watching on TV.

What to do if my streams are lagging/buffering/freezing?

Typically, such issues arise as a result of an inconsistent internet connection at the user’s end. Rather than WiFi, we suggest that you use an Ethernet cable to watch. If the latency persists, restart your device. While you can check to see whether your device’s RAM and ROM are capable of processing the streaming.

The problem from our end is quite unusual, and even if it does occur, we at IPTV Lit guarantee that the connections will be repaired as soon as possible. You may also contact us and create tickets for your problems so that we can resolve them as soon as possible.

My channels are not working?

We at IPTV Lit aim to supply you with a great quality of service at a low cost. So, first and foremost, bear this in mind.

If a channel is offline, we will try our utmost to bring it back online.

Does multiple devices affect my data consumption?

Yes! When you use several devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and HDTVs, with one single Wifi connection, your data usage goes way up. Be careful of the devices connected to your WiFi and switch off the Wifi on the device when not being used, as most applications and websites continue to consume data even if you’re not using them.

Why i can’t access my account?

Please verify your internet connection first, and then restart your router and device after that try again.

Next, if your internet connection is fine, please verify to see whether your account is being used on other devices. Since with IPTV Lit you may watch from only one device at the same time.

What you will get with IPTV Lit :

With IPTV Lit watch all sports, Movies, Shows and thousands of other channels without paying extra

You'll get access to thousands of movies, shows, and TV series (VOD) instantly

No more excessive prices cable bills

Stream programs and movies with 99% uptime, no interruptions, and no buffering

Customer assistance is accessible 24h a day, 7 days a week, for the whole year

Get the greatest IPTV service provider on the market at the most affordable price

Absolute satisfaction is assured

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